Monday, July 10, 2006

I've birthed a monkey.

Gryffin has always been active. Even when he was still a little 'Bean' in my belly he wouldn't sit still. He spent about oh, 30 seconds crawling before it became a full-out run. And now that he's got that mastered he's decided to go vertical. Yup, I've birthed a climber monkey. He scales our oversized furniture like he's King Kong and wants to keep going eventhough he's reached the summit. Yesterday I caught him all the way at the top of Mike's recliner and yanking picture frames off the mantle. How can you yell at him when he picks up the picture, pointing to it saying 'Dada'. Oh yeah, cause he didn't say 'Mama' thats how. No, I didn't yell at him. Just like a puppy if you don't catch them in the act they get all confused and wonder why you're yelling.

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