Friday, July 07, 2006

The Cow's Revenge...

Yesterday was Mike's 35th Birthday. For dinner I took him to Outback Steakhouse as a surprise. He was quite happy. I won't tell you what all we had (it would make me vomit thinking about it). I will say however that by the time we left the restaurant we were in pain, kind of like a Thanksgiving Dinner pain. We were so full our irises were flashing 'FULL'. We were infact so full that his Birthday cake has yet to be cut. Now folks, for a chocolate cake to sit in this house untouched is close to a miracle. Infact, thinking about that makes me want to hurl internal organs.
Mike was a little better off than me. I went to bed about nine only to realize by ten that if I laid down anymore my esophagus would rupture and I would die a 60's Music Icon kind of death. I spent the next couple of hours in the recliner hoping I would either puke or pass out. Neither of which happend and I managed to move to the couch and fall asleep about 3 this morning.
I haven't had coffee yet today- and probably won't. That goes for breakfast and maybe even lunch too.
Cow, you may be laughing up there in Bovine Heaven but you were still tastey!

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pam k. said...

happy belated birthday, mike! interesting company you keep - the prez, my son-in-law, former step-mother, the impressive list goes on and on (NOT!) - hope it was fun and that you recuperated from cow indulgence and finally got to eat that chocolate cake!