Thursday, July 20, 2006

20 months old...

Gryffin is 20 months old today! It sure doesn't seem that long. He started talking and refuses to stop. Although, the word Mama is still not in his vacabulary. He can point to all the parts of his face, his toes, knees and hands. He can say dog and ball. And he can shake his finger at you spitefully when he is caught doing something that he knows he shouldn't. Yup, the kids mine. He is rebelious and sneaky.

Yesterday I caught him using CD's as frisbees. Sorry Mike, I owe you 5 CD's. Now our CD changer is taped shut, along with the VCR. I will very appreciative when our entertainment center (with doors!) is finished. Gryffin will be ticked though.

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