Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Happy 4th of July!

Or should I say, Happy Get Drunk and Shoot Bottle Rockets Out of Your Hands While Drinking a Bud Light and Shouting Yeee Haaaaw at Your Toothless Buddy Day. Yup, I live in the Midwest. I'm just hoping that our wonderful neighbor, 'Naked Drunk Guy' is out of town for fear of witnessing the above.
In this part of the country today is reserved for sweating, drinking and playing with flammables. Most people around here could tell you that the 4th of July is also known as Independence Day, but they could not tell you who we are independent from. Sad.
It is a sad day and age when most high school students can't name all 50 states or who the last 4 presidents were or even who fought in the Civil War. Yup folks, 'no child left behind' is a wonderful concept. But then again, even communism looks good on paper, a kind of Robin Hood (the rich giving to the poor) theory.
So remember when you say Grace over the BBQ and cole slaw to say Thank You for our freedom and pray for the leaders of the world- pray that a certain few get their heads out of their asses.

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