Saturday, July 22, 2006

Appology accepted.

Well, I guess The Higher Power was feeling a little sorry for the St Louis metro-area because its mid July and we have the house opened up! The sun is shining, there is a gentle breeze and the high today is only to be in the 80's. This is the weather I love!

On a different note, Mike and I both went for our dental checkups yesterday. No cavities for either of us. YEAH! I suffer from TMJ and HATE going to the dentist. Dr Feder is the first one I haven't wanted to take a baseball bat to in many years. He tested that feeling yesterday when I told him that my TMJ was bothering me more and more. His response, 'Thats what happens when you get older." Like I needed another reminder of that! He did offer to remove the strange growth on my tongue though, aka a tongue piercing. Hey, its my last reminder that I was once young and wild. Now I'm old and domesticated.

Well, I wish all of my loyal readers a great weekend. I wish all of you un-loyal readers a great weekend too.

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cdorsey said...

What I would do for 80 degree weather!! It has been over 100 here for over a week now (North Texas)! All I do all day is listen to the air conditioner whirl and think about the bill from HELL that will grace us at the end of the month.