Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Tuesday... day 5 of a 1 day job incase you forgot.

Rather than spending my morning ranting about how our bathroom guy is late again today I will spend it cleaning. My muther is coming over this evening. Eventhough when my house is at its worst its still better than her house at its best, I like to show her that a kitchen doesn't have to have rotting food in the sink (or on the counter, or in the fridge, or in the living room... you get the picture).
So far, I've already done the kitchen and dining room, except the floors. No need to do those until later with the dogs. On to the living room and office! Maybe I'll even get to clean a bathroom today, but I promised you I wouldn't start on that subject.
I was a bad, bad girl and let the coffee get so low that there was only enough to make 8 cups this morning. I told Mike not to leave me any, but bless that Monkey he left enough for a cup! I think I will make myself a cup a tea and let Gryffin sleep a little bit more before I break out the vacuum.

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