Monday, June 05, 2006

Down on the farm

Sunday we packed up the Grandparent's and headed out to Mike's Dad's place. My father-in-law has a pretty good chunk of earth, in my opinion. A nice little house, a barn, a few horses, a lot of trees and a driveway that discourages visitors. I could do without his pool though- anything bigger than a bathtub scares me, especially if the water is green.
Mike found an old Radio Flyer that was his little brother Jake's. Jake is now at that age where he is more into skateboards and hunting, so Gryffin made it his. It needs some cleaning and a new coat of paint on the inside, but its in really good shape other than that. Also, Jake's old swingset is going to be relocated to our backyard. With a slide, an a couple swings I will finally have my own swing! By the time we got home, got Gryffin bathed and ready for bed we were all exhausted, but in a good way.

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Dad said...

Sounds like a nice day- Your OWN swing? I bet you have to share with Gryffin but I don't expect that to be too hard for you. chuckle
ALSO I bet you get to pull the wagon a little bit.