Friday, June 02, 2006

On to the weekend!

Yesterday's accomplishments were hampered by a loss of power. We had a big storm roll through and the power was knocked out for most of the afternoon. That sucked, but it gave Gryffin and I a lot of time to just sit and play. Luckily, it came back on before bed time so the house had a chance to cool off a bit.
Today, today, today... what shall I do today? I have someone coming over to get my glass scraps for use in a mosaic. Then there is the laundry thing, the grocery store thing and the bill paying thing. I think thats enough things.
Saturday we NEED to work on yard sale stuff. Amazing how much crap you accumulate without even realizing it. Mike and I are really careful about it too. Nothing is allowed to come in the house unless we know exactly where it will be kept and that there is room for it. Unless Granny decides we need it... like a gazillion gallon turkey deep fryer or a contraption that peels, slices and cores an apple all while dripping apple juice all over your counter. We have decided that anything that isn't Holiday related or was given to us by Granny (she has a habit of asking to borrow things she's given us) is going to be gotten rid of. So, if you are in the market for a queen size sleigh bed, various sets of bedding, curtains, kitchen stuff, dishes, books, baby stuff and clothes and are in the STL area come on by. I'll make you a great deal. Infact, if you just want to come over and clean out the basement and garage you can have it all for a dollar!

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