Friday, June 23, 2006

Master of Champions or Master of Idiocy?

So last night a show called Master of Champions came on and looked so bizarre we didn't bother changing the channel. They had two people compete in a cheese grating contest. The catch was that the grater was attached to their car and they had to drive around this wheel of cheese to grate it. Then there was a group that bounced around on stilts shooting fireworks, a chick who shot a bow and arrow with her toes all while bending into shapes no human can do and a couple dudes doing 'extreme unicycling'. I could feel myself strangely enthralled and mortified. This weird tingling sensation occurred. I couldn't figure out what it was until it dawned on me- it was my IQ disintegrating! I was momentarily disgusted with myself for enjoying watching people do dumb things but then again dumb people only make me look smarter! So watch on America because I won't.

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