Thursday, June 01, 2006

Ok, so its Thursday. I haven't done any housework in almost a week. The laundry monster and the dust bunnies are forming a union and the house smells like dog. YUCK!
A long time ago I developed a schedule. This breaks my home into zones and I have a detailed cleaning list for each zone. I have one zone assigned to each day, except Saturday and Sunday. Hey, I deserve a weekend too!
Again, today is Thursday sooo....
Its kitchen/dining room day. This means that I scour the kitchen and dining room from top to bottom (or as much as I can get done in an hour). I will not clean for more than an hour and even that is usually broken down into 15 minute increments. If there are things left undone they get sent to the top of the list and will be taken care of next week. This way, I am never behind! I just jump in on whatever day it is and take care of as much as I can.
Now, my schedule needs to be tweeked because Mike has mentioned that while he doesn't mind watching Gryffin on Sunday mornings when I go grocery shopping he thinks the time could be spent in better ways... family time, working on projects around the house, etc. I agree. But have you ever tried grocery shopping with a 1 year old? I will try though.
Enough of this... I better get to that cleaning while Gryffin is still napping!

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