Thursday, June 22, 2006

Affordable=ugly Just what I wanted= a weeks pay

Gryffin didn't want to take his morning nap so now our schedule is all wonky. If you don't know what wonky means ask my nephew Isaiah- he coined it. Since a nap was not going to happen I figured I would take advantage and look for a new shower curtain. Lets see, nothing at Bed, Bath & Beyond(our budget), nothing at Kmart (Martha's was more stylish in prison stripes) and nothing at Old Time Pottery (which doesn't even sell old time pottery). I doubt Target will have anything because they have gone all retro-yuppy. I like it, but it wouldn't mesh with the rest of the house. So that leaves me with... my old one. Hey, its free, clean, matches the towels and in good shape. It just looks all [] against a [] floor, which makes for a lot of [squares]. Yeah, I'm trying to be all cute with the symbols and its not working :(

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