Thursday, November 09, 2006

Stirring the pot...

Stand back, I'm about to stir the political pot!
I am glad to see that stem cell research was approved in Missouri. Whoa, don't get your panties in a bunch! Let me explain- eventhough I do not live in Missouri, 12 miles outside of it, I feel that this is a good thing. I do not feel that God will allow humans to be cloned or anything else- unless He wants it to happen. I believe that He is more powerful than the will or intelligence of the children He created. He would not let people accomplish any medical feat that would replace Him or destroy what He has created. Remember the rainbow, people. Now I know a lot (all) of my family is probably screaming in horror and wanting to banish me but God has a plan for this world. He gave us free will for a reason and did not give us super powers for other reasons. Although, I still don't see why He couldn't make me able to fly. That would be so cool. Anyway, He is in charge, regardless of what it may feel like at the moment. There is Divine Order, we just may not be smart enough, calm enough or willing enough to see it. Stem cell research may be the key to helping millions of people, it may be a bottomless pit of disappointment or it may just prove once and for all that God is the Father of this mixed up planet and His will be done. So sit back and enjoy the ride, He didn't put us here to be miserable.

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cdorsey said...

**Looking over my shoulder to make sure no one is looking** YOU GO GIRL!!! I agree wholeheartedly!