Monday, November 27, 2006

Give me this day...

Can you say Yumerlicious? How about scrumptacular? No? What about delectamazing? Tried (yet another) bread recipe and this one turned out next to perfect. It even passed the PBJ and grilled cheese test. The recipe made two loaves so that should last us a week. The braided one for garlic cheese toast tonight with spaghetti and the sliced for sandwiches, French Toast or whatever later.
I didn't get the housework done like I wanted yesterday. I ran out of energy after Gryffin and I went for a walk and helped/watched Mike put up the Christmas lights. Oh well, at least the fresh air was nice.
Gryffin is currently down for a nap so maybe I will see about carrying some laundry down and some dusting.

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