Monday, November 06, 2006

Ah, a weekend in bed. Just what I didn't want.

We took a weekend off! Don't get all excited for us, it wasn't our choice. We all came down with a nasty little virus. Mike was in bed Saturday, I was in bed Sunday and Gryffin didn't let anything stop him. Luckily, one of us was able to look after him while the other gazed into the porcelane wishing well. It seems as though it was a quick virus at least as Mike went to work and I am up and dressed. And most importantly, having my coffee.
We were not given a very prognosis for Granny last week. The onchologist, a guy who very much reminded me of a cartoon character, said that with treatment possibly 12-18 months, without 6 weeks. Everyone decided to try a round of chemo and radiation and see how Granny tollerates it. The steroids they have to give her have made her hallucinate and a little combative at times. Her lucid moments are growing fewer. My heart breaks for her and Pa and the rest of the family, but I know God will take care of us all through this and after.
Thanks to yuck virus my house is a disaster. I wonder if I could get FEMA in here to clean up? Probably, but it would take 4 years, tons of red tape and a bunch of beauracratic BS. Speaking of... Don't forget to vote tomorrow. If you don't, you have no right to complain. Me? I voted twice so I get to complain more than most. Just kidding.

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