Wednesday, November 01, 2006

A little rant...

I saw the downfall of the family yesterday on TV. It sent shivers down my spine as in 30 seconds I witnessed a family of four deteriorate into disfunction and sorrow. This may only be my interpretation but pancake batter in a bottle that you add water, shake and pour?! Come on. I've timed it, to measure and mix ingredients takes a whopping- stand back- 7 minutes. Seven minutes, people. Seven minutes to give your family pancake batter where every ingredient is easily pronouncable and recognizable. Seven minutes to know that your kids aren't going to have so many preservatives in their body when they die that embalming will not be needed. Seven minutes where you can teach your kids math- measuring IS fractions. Not to mention, seven minutes to teach your kids that food does not come from a bottle or box. I can see it know, future generations that don't know how to cook and rely only on prepackaged, preservative ridden crap. Soilent Green is people! No wonder society is getting so fat, their bodies no longer have to work to break down food. It is presented in a ready to eat, fully digested form that lacks vitamins and nutrients.
For the past couple weeks Mike and I have gone against everything we believe in and have eaten fast food. Only because we did not have a choice as dinner was on the run from hospital to nursing home. We feel like crap, lack energy and stamina and have gained weight. Last night after leaving the hospital we craved vegetables so bad we stopped by the salad bar at the fancy grocery store and paid $6 each for! That is desperation, folks. Usually, if I pay that much for a salad someone brings it to my table and takes it away when I'm done.
This morning Mike reminded me his haircut appointment and that he has to take some medication to Pa at the nursing home. We decided that it would be better to eat -a real meal- at 4 in the afternoon than to keep up the on the go meals. I'm hoping Gryffin will cooperate enough to allow me to fix a batch of cookies for that evening snack that all of us will be dying for after eating dinner that early. Maybe some whole wheat honey peanut butter cookies, mmmmmm. Dinner will consist of Chicken a la King, using fat free 1/2 & 1/2. If I get time it will be served over home made biscuits, if not it will be over egg noodles. **Reminder to Chris- I am holding you to that promise of showing me how to make your family recipe for noodles** Now doesn't that sound better than yet another burger or taco?

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cdorsey said...

I saw that same commercial and had the same reaction. It really disgusts me. I shudder to think where we are headed as a society.
I am proud to say that my girls know how to cook. And, actually, it's not even just is crazy that when we do eat out, by the time you go to the restaurant, get seated, order, have your food prepared, eat, pay, drive home, you could have easily make a freakin' 4 course meal! I say this on the heals of eating out however...we are eating out tonight but out of more necessity as we won't get home until late.

You dinner sounds DIVINE! I hope you all will be able to slow down soon.