Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Sermon to the masses...

I know I should be sitting here balancing the checkbook and paying bills but for some reason our bank's site decided it didn't want to get out of bed today. So here I am- goofing off.
Last night Gryffin's Day Out program had an Open House. Yes folks, my husband voluntarily walked into a church building without spontaneously combusting or incurring the wrath of Kathulu. The walls didn't drip with blood, small children didn't run screaming nor did lightning strike him (or us). Although he did cringe when Gryffin's teacher mentioned them saying the pledge of allegiance to the Christian flag. Don't misunderstand, he is not some devil worshipping, animal sacrificing, pagan. He just doesn't believe in ORGANIZED religion, thus the Kathulu reference. (Sidenote- Kathulu is the god of chaos) My views are slightly different, slightly. I do believe there is a supreme creator, a.k.a. God, who provides for, protects and heals us- if we allow Him to. I believe that prayer works be it in form of folded hands, candle flames or fleeting thoughts. I believe that God works in mysterious ways and allows each of us to learn what our heart deems to be right. In essence, what is right for some is not right for all.
I was raised in a religion of 'If you are not in this building everytime the doors open and believe exactly what we tell you, you are doomed to flaming pits of torture for eternity'. If God truly is love, I just can't buy that hooey. Sorry, if I offend anyone in the vocalization/writing of this entry I do not mean to belittle you or your beliefs. As I stated earlier, to each their own. However, after many years of studying the Bible and other texts considered to be Holy by various cultures, I have determined that I can't possibly take every word as 'written in stone'.
Riddle me this, Joker?
If we were created by a God of love, able to adapt to our surrounding (evolve), to care for one another and to not judge others, then how can one religion condemn another? How can one person take the responsibility to say that another is wrong for holding service in a building full of shrines and statues or in the woods for that matter? How can one group take the responsibility to say that another group is wrong for believing that reincarnation occurs or that animals have souls and should not be eaten?
Yeah, yeah, you're thinking its not Sunday and you shouldn't be subject to sermons today so I will shut it. Hey, maybe my bank's sites up and running and will spare you the rest of my diatribe?!


Mike (the hubby) said...

"Satan worshiping"? no, "animal sacrificing"?.?.?. Well, I do loves me a good steak.

Sorry sweetie, but you are mixing my obscurities. I'm fascinated by the theory that in an infinate number of possibilities, order will form from chaos. (Loose interpretation of Chaos Theory) Similar to the concept of sitting 100 monkeys in front of typewriters to eventually get them to type out Hamlet.
C'thulu is the fictional "Old One" from the H.P. Lovecraft story Call of C'thulu Lovecraft seems to give the ultra religious the heebie geebies so naturally I find it humorous at times =)

SAHM I am said...

And just when I think I'm beginning to understand him! He calls it Chaos Theory, I call it Divine Order.

cdorsey said...

I left this comment once and my computer flaked out...so here goes again. If it posts twice...sorry.

I have a friend who says, "If there are 2000 religions in the world, how do you know yours is the right one?"
Very true.

I too have questioned my religious upbringing which mirrors yours. I ramble periodically about religious matters at http://myquestforthetruth.blogspot.com. It is elementary ramblings but hey...I'm an elementary kind of girl, I guess.