Tuesday, September 26, 2006

MMmmmm druuuuuuugs....

My head is in a drug induced fog. Allergy medicine doesn't always relieve your symptoms but it usually makes you so stoned you don't care. Unfortunately it also makes you really unproductive. I'm really sensitive to the stuff so I started with half the recommended dosage and when I didn't feel anything thought it would be safe to take the other half. WRONG.
Hey, did you see the size of that chicken?
Anyway, I still have to figure out a way to get the laundry done, the bathroom cleaned, dinner prepped and some photos of Ebay stuff taken, downloaded and hopefully listed. I know all this because I wrote it on a 'To Do' list last night because I definately couldn't think that straight now.
Ah well, slow and steady wins the race... if you can find the starting line.

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