Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Gryffin's Day Out

Yesterday was Gryffin's first day at 'Day Out'. When we arrived there were already several children in the play room. We met his teacher, Miss Katie. She asked Gryffin if he would like to go play and of course, he did! He tromped off to the play room where he immediately headed for the purple toy vacuum cleaner. Our vacuum is purple and he is fascinated by it. I watched from a window in the door and held back tears. Once he saw all those toys and kids I knew he would be just fine. Me on the other hand, I watched him for about 15 or 20 minutes until it was too hard to hold in the tears. I made it to the car before I let them roll. All the way home I kept talking myself out of turning around and getting him. I decided to reward myself with a latte for making it home.
When I picked him up Miss Katie told me that he was wonderful! She said the only time he cried was when it was nap time. He wanted to keep playing. As soon as he laid down he was out though.
We came home and played and talked about his day. And I told him that he would be going back Friday. I'm pretty sure he understood because he got all excited and started laughing.

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Ruth said...

Yeah! What a big milestone for Mommy & Gryffin!! :) I'm proud of both of you guys for tackling your first adventure with the Day Out program.