Friday, September 01, 2006

Any Requests?

And you just thought I played the harmonica and drums!
As pointed out in the comments, I have neglected to provide a detailed caption. My most inquisitive reader, my Mom, could out question the writers on Jeopardy. Here goes, Mom! I hope I can forsee them all...
This picture was taken last weekend at our friends Chris and Mandy's. We were invited over for dinner and for Gryffin to be introduced to his future wife. Or so Mandy hopes. Before dinner Gryffin treated us to a little ivory tickling. He literally tickled. We were expecting him to pound away, but no. Precisely and gently he tapped on the keys. One at a time, then two or three. He soon however lost interest when he discovered Fritos.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I'd bette ask before I show this pictue to "you Know WHO"
Where was it takn, when and was he singing too?
I KNOW that won't be enough questions but it's a start.