Saturday, February 18, 2006

Lets go splurge...

After his first sip of coffee this morning my husband threw me for a loop. He said, "Lets go out today and splurge, lets each buy ourselves something!". "Ok" I said, "I want to buy a maid". Not exactly what he was thinking. Then I said, "How about a toaster I want one of those". Again not what he had in mind. He then tells me that I need to buy myself some clothes. What?! I just bought a whole bunch of clothes a couple weeks ago. Sure they were a buck and item and came bagged in a garbage bag from a rummage sale but hey- they were all Eddie Bauer or Ralph Lauren!
So we packed up the little guy and headed out to the Pretentious Mall. No, that's not really its name but it might as well be. We walked around and looked and I actually found a store that carried clothes I liked. But no matter how much he wants me to splurge I cannot spend $159 on a skirt. It is against my genetic make up. You see, I come from a long line of poor people. Some were poor and it showed, others were good at being poor and it didn't show. I like to think I'm part of the latter group.
We came home empty handed except for a couple of frivolous purchases such as dark chocolate covered cherries and oatmeal stout from Trader Joes. Both of which are for my husband come to think of it. But we did enjoy a nice lunch out and with an almost 10 month old that is an accomplishment.
I did make a promise though. IF we win the Power Ball tonight or the Mega Millions Tuesday I will go back to that store and buy an entire wardrobe for Spring. Even if I faint at the bill or my head explodes thinking of how many weeks grocery money it was!

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