Thursday, February 23, 2006

Is it still Wednesday?

I only ask because I'm still overwhelmed by all there is to do. But hey, yesterday I did get the bathtub scrubbed. I'm just going to have to get back to an old habit... set the timer for 15 minutes and see how much I can do. If I can force myself to do this just twice a day I will be able to dig us out in about a year (or two). Hey, maybe I can tie rags to Gryffin's hands and knees and let him crawl around and clean the floors! Yeah you're right, that is probably not a good idea. Looking at the bright side, even when my house is at its worst it is still hospital clean compared to the home I grew up in. My muther's idea of cleaning was to rearrange the dirt. Her theory- if you have one cat and three litter boxes you only have to change them once a month. I remember one day, after I had moved out, I went there to meet her and she wasn't home yet so I opened the fridge looking for something to munch. An avalanche of plastic butter tubs came crashing out. After opening the first few only to discover green fuzzy things trying to escape I just began throwing them all out. In my mind I thought my muther would appreciate this gesture of kindness by releasing these creatures into the wild and cleaning out her fridge in the process. WRONG! She yelled at me for not scrubbing out all of her good butter containers. Yup, that's my muther. Now you understand the intentional misspelling.
My husband is the best. He is extremely understanding and helps out around the house quite a bit. Being a military brat he grew up in an orderly, clean home. There was a time when my house keeping abilities (or lack there of) was a hindrance to our relationship- it still may be that way but he just doesn't say anything about it anymore. Did I mention he's the best?
Ok, enough of this just talking about the problem. I'm going to DO SOMETHING about it. Yep, I'm going to shave the dogs and cover everything with tarps!

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