Monday, February 20, 2006

Gryffin is 10 months old TODAY!

In the blink of an eye ten months has gone by. It seems just last week we had a newborn. Every 20th of the month I have taken his picture to track how much he has changed and boy, has he changed. I also remember back to that morning when I woke Mike and said those life changing, panic striking words "Honey, it's time". At 2 a.m. my husband woke up faster than he ever had in his life; I was impressed. After 12 hours and one minute of drug induced numbness, I met my son. He was the most beautiful yuck covered, bright red, screaming deamon I had ever met. (Still is) .
We celebrated this day with homemade pancakes. I don't think Gryffin enjoyed them quite as much as Mike and I though.

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