Sunday, February 19, 2006

Didn't win...

Looks like my husband will have to go to work this week. We didn't win the Power Ball.
When he and I still worked together on our drive home we would go past this huge billboard for the lottery that gave the amount. We would often play 'What If". The outcome was usually predictable. We would take care of our families, setting everyone up in a new home with a new car and college accounts for all the neices and nephews. We would payoff my mother so he would never have to deal with her again. He would get a new Jeep Wrangler. I wouldn't get a new car, I happen to love my old Cherokee. We would build a log cabin in the middle of nowhere and declare ourselves an independant country. Eventhough we don't play the game much anymore, the outcome is still the same. Take care of those we love, have a little fun and live simply. Wait a minute! We do that already, YIPEE!!!!! I feel like I just won the lottery! I guess its all in how you look at things, huh?

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