Wednesday, July 30, 2008

The Paint Fume Cure

Who would've thunk that paint fumes could kill a headache? Ok they probably didn't, but getting the blood pumping by doing something might have.
I painted the accent wall in the entry way. Its a pretty orange. Reminds me of cantaloupe or orange sherbet and it looks great with the print we purchased at an art show for the space.
Our entryway, living room and dining room are all open to one another. The main walls of each are going to be a khaki/beige. Yeah, I know. Beige. Anyway, there will be two accent walls in the dining room that are going to be an apple green. All the rooms will have bright white trim.
I just hope it turns out like what I've pictured in my head. If not, then it will look a lot like a rotting bowl of fruit.
I'm really not used to using bright colors. We prefer dark but this house is already so dark that if we used the ones we really wanted we would be living in a cave.
Oh well, it really can't be any worse than the icy baby blue that covers the front half of the house and the institutional green that covers the back half.

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Ladybug said...

Can't wait to see how it all turns out! :)