Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Up to speed and hoping to coast

Long story short: Pa, after spending less than 24 hours in a nursing home, fell and broke his hip. Saturday he had it replaced and today is set to be released from the hospital. Mike has been frantically trying to find a different nursing home that isn't a urine smelling death trap. Ain't easy.
Gryffin has decided that since everyone around him is stressed and tired that now would be a good time to push limits again. I can't really blame him, when you're three understanding the complexities of adult responsibilities is too much to handle. Heck, Mike and I have felt like throwing tantrums, hitting and crying hysterically lately too. Things will get back to the normal routine soon.
Mike's birthday party turned out well, except for me forgetting to haul out the cake while the majority of people were here. Mike got much needed fun and laughter out of it and was totally shocked that I bought him a Wii. The neighbors & gayhbors stayed until almost 11 pm, good thing they didn't have a long trip home.
Oh, did I mention? My MIL just called and wants to take Gryffin overnight tomorrow after he's done at Day Out and wants to keep him until Friday evening! Just the thought of having the house and husband to myself is wonderful.

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