Monday, July 28, 2008

My husband loves me!

He spent all day yesterday giving me more storage space in the kitchen. Even though our 'new' kitchen is twice the size as the one in the old house, it doesn't have nearly the storage.
He is going to be installing an in-cabinet trash can soon. We hate having to look at a garbage can. I'll relocate the Mojo's dishes and get a rolling island to put here.
Look at all the glorious space! I might have to start canning since I now have room to put them. This cabinet freed up the small pantry and three cabinets. Now I'll have room for all of my serving dishes, bakeware and more dry goods.
Oh, he also cleaned out the garden shed so we have a place for the bikes!
We are slowly but surely making this place our own. I think (I know) Granny is proud and happy for us. I thank her regularly for blessing us, her ghost hangs out in the guestroom.


beqi said...

*sigh* bikes. In the garage. Not in the dining room. What a life.

Mike's a peach.

Ladybug said...

Mike is awesome!

Congratulations on the new organizational space in your kitchen.. it looks great & will help out a lot. :)