Monday, July 14, 2008

This morning while reading the news and drinking coffee I was hit with the feeling of 'Things are only going to get worse". Not only is one of St Louis' largest employers being bought out by an overseas company but even more locally, our farmer's are struggling with getting their corn crops to grow and our two generation owned military surplus store is closing.
There were articles about how gas is only going to go up, along with prices for everything. Crops are looking dismal because of the wacky weather this spring. Property taxes have sky rocketed and property values, it seems, are being determined by the whatever hair tickles the assessors backside.
Are you gloomy yet?
I'm trying not to be. I realize that farmer's know the risks of their profession, especially here where weather is unpredictable. I know that businesses close, I just hate to see the small, family one's go under. The price of gas has just made me become better at planning trips and become more inventive with things to keep Gryffin occupied around the house.
All this economic instability just means that we have to tighten our belts. Maybe even redefine what the American way of life should be. We are a country of excess. Excessive vehicles, houses, waste and waistlines. Hopefully, with a little cutting back and reevaluation of our lifestyle we won't feel the pinch too terribly.


beqi said...

Amen, sistah.

Jill said...

That is so true. Awesome post! It's the people & relationships in our life that bring us happiness, not the stuff. The consumption. I still can't believe that not only am I the only one in my apartment community that recycles, but that a few residents actually complained about my recycling bin being next to the dumpster on trash day. I love the way that Swansea charges you for trash by the bag, but recycling is free. Rock on.