Saturday, July 12, 2008

Big Boy Bed!

Today we set up Gryffin's big boy bed, aka a twin size. He's out of the crib and I'm both sad and elated. Last weekend we went shopping for the perfect bed. I was not about to let my kid sleep on one of those cheep, plastic covered, starter mattresses. We picked out a nice one with lots of support and a pillow top for comfort. With the back problems Mike and I have we want to insure Gryffin doesn't inherit them. We them took Gryffin to pick out sheets for his new bed. Of course, he picked out Hulk ones. I also picked him up some plain ones and a waterproof mattress cover. He's potty trained, but that doesn't mean he still doesn't have an occasional accident.
The bed came in this afternoon. Mike dismantled the crib, I tried not to watch for fear of crying. Gryffin helped and got all excited to finally have his big bed. We broke out the Hulk sheets and the Spiderman blanket and along with the stuffed effigies of these two super heroes, his bed was made. To which Gryffin promptly initiated it by jumping up and down on it and insisting Mike and I lay on it too.
My kid is awesome in that he swings with the punches or swings the punches. Either way, he adapts without much fuss. He's excited to sleep in his new big boy bed, with his super hero friends, sheets and blankets. He didn't cry when the crib was taken away and thinks the guard rails on the sides are cool. Again, he's awesome!

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Courtney Watson said...

Sheesh he is getting so big! I would love my bed a little more with Hulk sheets, too. Does the Hulk have a theme song?