Monday, August 04, 2008

The Wonderful Weekend That Was

Friday night Beqi came over to bake cupcakes for her son and husband's birthday party Saturday. I'm glad I was there to intervene or else none of the cupcakes would've had any icing. Before we got to work on the baking, I had made pizza for dinner. The first pie was christened "Disaster Pie". When I put it in the oven all the toppings slid off onto the pizza stone and instantly adhered themselves to it. Mike helped salvage what we could and it didn't turn out that bad. The second one was perfect though. Of course, now I have a lovely burnt cheese smell and smoke every time I turn on the oven. I guess that's my ovens way of telling me it's time to be cleaned.
Saturday morning we headed out to the local farmer's market and then stopped at the Army Surplus store that is going out of business. We scored big time there. Mike got a nice black jacket and some pants along with a heavy wool peacoat, Gryffin got a black flight jacket that I'm going to punk out with patches and I got, are your ready: a beret, a wool sailor's pullover, an army dress coat and a marine dress coat, all of which are WWII era. Now, I won't tell you how much we paid for all this loot but I will say it was less than we could've bought Mike a cheap peacoat for.
It was also Party Day. And boy was it! The boys had a lovely birthday party, with an impromptu after-party at our house. We threw various hunks of carcass on the grill and whipped up some side dishes for a lovely meal. While Gryffin and Little Eddie were running rampant the adults went bowling, played tennis and boxed to our hearts content on the Wii.
Yesterday was spent running errands and putting the house back together. Amazing how one day of not picking up after ourselves can destroy the whole joint. Mike also installed my new in-cabinet trash can. Yay! No more looking at a trash can in the kitchen.
Today is laundry, laundry and more laundry. I hate doing laundry but I'm OK with it today since the heat index is going to hit 110. (And Mike won't move to the desert because it's too hot, hmm.)

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beqi said...

They should call it the "WiiHurt" instead of the "WiiPlay". I can't get over the fact that I'm sore from a VIDEO GAME.

Thanx for the help with the cupcakes. They were so good I even ate the cake part. :)