Friday, June 27, 2008

Super Hero's really do exist

Yesterday I played Little Sally Homemaker, in Grateful Dead jammy pants and a T-shirt. OK, so it was more like Little Hippie Homemaker. Either way I made some damn fine stuff.
A loaf of honey-wheat bread, 2 quarts of vanilla ice cream and a cherry & raspberry pie. De-pitting cherries by hand sucks. Its a good thing my shirt was already red.
I also spent the day trying to keep Gryffin occupied while our Direct TV system was installed. He kept 'supervising' the installer dude and saying, "Hey Guy! I think you forgot sumfing". We played Memory (the super hero edition), we played with Play-Doh (aka, squishy), we read book upon book upon book- and then read them a few more times, I broke out the VTech and let him play video games designed for kids his age. What has this world come to!?! I convinced him that the TV would be fixed if he took a nap and after reading a couple more books he napped for a whopping hour. Luckily, installer dude was finished by then.
Mike's Pa (grandpa) has been in the hospital all week. He is recovering nicely. Mike has been spending the evenings with him and last night I really struggled with missing him. He is doing what needs to be done. He is an awesome, caring person. I/we will get our time with him again soon. But I've really come to realize how much I need him. I am not cut out to be a single parent. By the time he made it home last night I was so tired I could barely talk. All I wanted to do was spend a few moments with him but we were both too exhausted to even entertain the idea much less each other. But he still took time to play with Gryffin, which was the most important.
He exhausts himself taking care of others only to let his own needs fall by the wayside. He is a remarkable person. I love him with all my heart and soul. If anyone is a Super Hero- it's him.


Ladybug said...

Don't sell yourself short... You're a Super Hero, too! :)

beqi said...

What she said. :)