Monday, June 09, 2008

Monday, Monday

What do you do when storms are in the forecast, you wake up with a monster headache and almost every piece of clothing your family owns is dirty? Dumb question, huh?
Yup, I'm relegated to staying in. I'm hoping the medicine I took will kill the headache but even if it doesn't it won't ruin my enjoyment of doing laundry. I hate it regardless.
There are hints of a trip to the toy store tonight to reward Gryffin for such wonderful behavior this weekend. He was such a blessing to have around (as always). Mike wasn't feeling too well and Gryffin was loving and gentle. How did I end up with such a great kid?
Tomorrow I'm taking a play day and hitting downtown B'ville. I'm in search of some awesome junk. Not anything specific, except maybe some chairs to replace a couple the neighbor broke during a rousing game of drunken Yahtzee a couple weeks ago. Good thing the chairs weren't my style anyway.
Off to tame the laundry monster, wish me luck!

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beqi13 said...

It's okay. Tomorrow we'll have our own play date, and we'll wipe this irritating week out of our memories with neato fabric.