Wednesday, June 11, 2008

One man's trash is my treasure

Yesterday Beqi and I took the day off. Day Out is back in session so we had five hours of kidless freedom. We usually spend this time handcuffed to our sewing machines working so it was a real treat. We scouted a new coffee shop, which turned out to be totally awesome except that they hadn't gotten any food in. Oh well, we will be back I'm sure. Then we hit the junk shops downtown. I picked up an old leather suitcase with a blue velvet interior for a dollar. It will be an end table with toy storage. I also got the most awesome vintage cardigan. Its ivory with white beading.
Beqi scored big with housewares and a pair of shoes that I might just have to shoejack from her.
We also stopped by the local spice shop where I picked up our custom blend of Highlander Grogg and Death By Chocolate coffee beans, as well as some file (FEE-lay) and some creole seasoning. Hmm, wonder if some gumbo is in our future?

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