Thursday, June 26, 2008

Always expect the unexpected

Too much. That is what has been going on this week. Things have popped up that no one expected and every one/thing is back on the road to normalcy.
Today I have to come up with a menu for the next 7 days. I need to bake another loaf of bread. I'm going to bake a loaf and freeze the dough for another loaf. I just can't stomach paying $3+ for a loaf of bread when I can make my own for a third of that.
Last night our friend Brian was kind enough to bring us our Fair Shares food. It was chocked full of goodies: aged cheddar, squash, zucchini, cucumbers, endive, herbs, cabbage, cherries, raspberries, beef, salsa, toffee peanut butter, a green pepper, a banana pepper, whole grain rolls and beets. Beets? What the heck do I do with those?
The last time I had beets they were from a can and I was in elementary school. This may require some culinary research.


Ladybug said...

Sounds like Fair Shares really rocks this week! All the ingredients you got(well, with the possible exception of the beets.. same childhood memories for me!) sound extra yummy! :)

Very cool of Brian to pick it up for you guys this week, too.

beqi said...

Take beets. Open door. Huck beets very, very far through open door. Go eat ice cream.