Monday, May 05, 2008

Hurt with no regrets

I should have written this post yesterday when events were fresh in my mind and I could describe every moment but alas, I opted for a nap instead.
Saturday night Mike and I had the rare opportunity to go out like adults and party like kids. Our friend Beqi's band was playing at a biker bar, along with several other bands. I don't know what was better the music or the people watching. Ok, it was the music; although, the people watching was immensely entertaining.
First up was Beqi's band, Devil Baby Freakshow, I hope I do it justice but I can only describe it as the bastard child of punk, rockabilly and blues, with tapdancing. They are quite a show for eyes and ears. Next on was Bitch Slap Barbie, punk band. It was the first time I'd seen them but since our table was infront of a stack of speakers I'm still hearing them. Federation of Horsepower, came next. They were a rock band from KC and although the lead singer looked a little like Jabba the Hut meats Metallica, a guitarist that looked like one of the Allman brothers, a drummer with a Foo Man Choo and another guitarist that Beqi and I thought looked like a monkey, they played some damn fine music. Last but certainly not least was The Trip Daddys,, a rockabilly band. They were awesome.
Beqi and I danced until our feet and legs could no longer hold us up. I learned that no matter how cute the new shoes are, don't wear them dancing. But come on, peep toe platforms in a black and bronze satin brocade with an ankle strap? The pain was worth it, I looked good.
It was an awesome time, much needed, much deserved by all of us.


beqi said...

Oh my god, I still hurt. Hurt like fire.

Courtney Watson said...

SOMEDAY I'll make it to one of Beqi's shows. Dammit!