Thursday, May 08, 2008

Dancin' that Bag-A-Go-Go (again)

Nothing says summer like hot pink and lime green argyle.
The fabric really isn't wonky and uneven. I was just in a hurry to take pictures.
This drawstring ditty is covered in a music theme print. I had to buy it because the drummer has a Mohawk. The inside is lined with a flying heart tattoo print.
Same style as the argyle but a little less wild.
This is another Big Ass Market Bag.
Behind it is my ever expanding rack. Yeah, yeah, I know that can be taken out of context.


Ruth said...

More super-cute bags! :) I am proud of you for using your talent!

We are really enjoying the diaper bag that you made for Miss Elsie Rose, too! :)

beqi said...

Wow, when I plant a bug, I plant a bug.

Welcome to the ranks of the finger stabbers!