Friday, May 16, 2008

Anxiety and Thanks-A-Go-Go

Mike convinced me to buy a new sewing machine. I love him for it (and many other reasons too). As Pop would say, I got a 'smokin' deal'. An almost $600 Brother for $140! This baby has more features than I will probably ever use but hey, they are there if the wild hair tickles.
It runs so much smoother and quieter than my little Mini does. I'll miss my little smurf of a sewing machine as it will be relegated to a backup.
Thank you's: Mike for encouraging me, Beqi for mentoring me, Granny for my first sewing machine and Gryffin for being comedic relief.
My first craft show is next weekend and I am nervous. Nervous about all the work I still have left to do, about hocking my wares, pricing them right, the weather, etc. Yeah, I know I'm over reacting. That's just me, I'll get over it.

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Ruth said...

Sounds like a smokin' deal to me, too! ;)

You will get everything done for your show, price it all just right & have a rockin' time selling you awesome stuff, too! Relax & enjoy the ride! :)