Friday, May 23, 2008

Rock On, Gryffin!

Last night was Gryffin's Spring Concert at Day Out. I was a little disappointed that there were no superhero punches or web shooting at the audience. Only occasional singing and yelling, "Grandma, Grandma!". He was on the end of the risers, right next to his teacher (coincidence? I think not). Later talking with her, she said all he kept doing through the concert was telling her that he saw his Grandma, Mom and Dad in the crowd and kept pointing us out to her. Nice to know the kid still likes to be associated with us. We better enjoy that while it lasts.
We tried to get pictures but couldn't get a seat close enough thanks to people saving entire rows of chairs. The entire row! Good for their family being proud of the kid but really folks, its rude and it makes me want to throw Swedish meatballs at you. Then there was the lady that I wanted to shoot spit wads at because although she sat right in the middle of the gym she insisted on standing up a bazillion times.
Those people couldn't ruin the pride and joy I took in knowing my kid is/was/and always will be the most awesome kid ever. He was really well behaved, happy and all smiles all night. I love that little pickle weasel.

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beqi said...

Oh man, I can't wait for my kid and your kid to act the fools during the next concert. Gryffin can run around in his underoos and little Eddie can upturn furniture. Good times.