Saturday, February 24, 2007

St Patty's early

Last night our inner Leprechans came out and we hit a local Irish pub & restaruant. I was a little disappointed in the limited Irish fare, but this is the Midwest where bar food rules. Mike had a beef and mushroom pie that I envied and I had a whiskey & butter chicken. Of course, Mike had to have a Guiness and I got an Irish coffee, non-sissy style (no whip cream). Sorry but any self respecting Irishman I've ever met would never have whip cream in his coffee. Heck, they liked more whiskey than coffee!
After dinner we ran some errands. Mike made me buy clothes- Grrrr. And we picked out some movies. By the time we got home we were too tired to watch them though!
We actually got to sleep until 9 am this morning. NINE! Now Mike is off to get the Pickle and I am off to drink some American coffee.
Have a great weekend!

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cdorsey said...

Sounds like a great time. I hope the rest of your week-end was great.