Thursday, February 22, 2007

Miracle of all miracles!

This month something happened that I never thought would. Gryffin called me Mama! Woo-hoo-yippy-skippy! Gryffin in his almost 2 years had never called me that. If you asked him where Mama was he would point to me, but he would never say it. He held power over me and he knew how to use it. I tried bribery (cookies, TV, toys), I tried threats (no cookies, no TV, no toys) heck, I even told him that he wasn't allowed to get his driverse license until he called me Mama! Last month progress was made, he started calling me Dah-ee just like Mike. Hey, at least it was nice. Then he finally figured it out and out of the blue... Ta-Da. I'm the Mama! I bet you can see the smile on my face from there.

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cdorsey said...

AWWWW! Congrats! Now, there will be a day when you will want to change your name from Mom to just about ANYTHING else! Enjoy it now...while you can! :)