Sunday, February 11, 2007

Shew, eBay exhaustion

For the past three days I have been listing a gagillion things on eBay.... Mostly Gryffin's outgrown but still in great shape clothes, shoes, etc and some of my clothes that I just never wore. It got to the point where I just started listing things in lots based on sizes. I hope no one gets scared off by the shipping cost, but those many items are HEAVY! Today I freecycled four large trash bags of stuff. I think we may find 4 square feet of space added to the house. Hey, with a house as small as ours you will take every inch you can get!
I am attempting my first beef stew today. The first thing I discovered about this culinary adventure is that I need a bigger crock pot. Who does 1.5 quarts feed- Ewoks?! I doubt it, they swing around a lot and work up an appetite. Garden gnomes? Maybe, afterall they are made out concrete. But certainly not a family of two and a 1/2!


cdorsey said...

I am E-bayed out! I am so put out with my buyers I have vowed to NEVER E-bay another thing again! At least until the next time I have something I need to get rid of that is worth a little money - - but allow me the pleasure of just being grumpy with them right now!

How did the stew turn out??

SAHM I am said...

The stew was poo! I'm not dismayed though, I will try again.