Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Enjoy your VD!

Don't get your undies in a bunch, VD- Valentine's Day. We don't celebrate it around here. I told Mike long ago that if he had to take one day out of the year to let me know how much I mean to him then he is doing a pretty crap job the other 364. Yeah, yeah, bah humbug and all that. But seriously folks would you rather have:
an overpriced bunch of flowers that are going to wilt in a few days
some bobble that will turn your skin green
yet another stuffed animal
or a high priced bobble that by the time you get it paid off its Valentine's Day again?
What about flowers on a normal, nothing, just because kind of day? Or a bobble that you can pawn if things go bad? Always the pesimist.
Me? I want a clean house and the laundry caught up. Wait, I want that everyday.
Anyway, who can think of romance after listening to the speech Bush gave today. Has there ever been a president that just gave a yes or no answer to a question from the press? 'Cause all I heard was the same hem-haw over and over.
Ok, I'll stop with the politics. I took some pictures of the snow this morning and I was going to post them so my desert dwelling clan could remember what it was like but all I ended up with was pictures of the streaks on my windows! And there was NO WAY I was going outside to get a better one when the temperature was a whopping, stand back now, prepare yourself- 7 degrees. Break out the sandals! Yeah, I'm just being a poo-pooer again. I actually like snow. And I got to find out that the 4 wheel drive on the Jeep still works yesterday. And there is nothing better than having a hot cup of cocoa on a snowy night, especially if it has some Bailey's in it.

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cdorsey said...

And I keep forgetting what a kindred spirit we are! Fix me a cocoa too...Cheers!