Friday, January 02, 2009

Avalanche to crafty, at last!


After. That's Betsy in the corner, she was a Christmas present from Mike. Yay!




New Year's Eve was just as I had predicted... Gryffin and I asleep with Mike playing video games. I think he kissed me at midnight. Our New Year's Day was just as kicked back. Gryffin helped Mike take down the outdoor Christmas decorations and I cleaned out the avalanche room, aka- sewing room. It had accumulated all the bits and bobs for wrapping presents along with all the other stuff that needed a temporary storage spot.
When I got it all in order, I sat back and admired my work. I wanted to start something crafty but found that the mood didn't last long. I was exhausted. I'm thinking this weekend I will get my craft on and at least start something fantabulous.


Jenny said...

I wish that I had a sewing room. Heck, I wish I could sew!

-Did you make that dress? A-W-E-S-O-M-E!

beqi said...

I'm so jealous. you can see the floor onyour sewing room, AND it has heat and ambient light! Think of me in my cold, dark, dirty dungeon when you're crafting it up. :)

GrayEyedScorpio said...

Hi--nice room to work in! I was clicking the "next blog" button and happened upon your blog. It turns out that we were both at Strange Folk, and we both sew, and we both have three year old sons.

Spooky-good discovery, your blog!