Monday, March 03, 2008

Won't you be glad when I don't bitch anymore?

Yesterday was awesome! The weather was perfect, the boys got to play at the park, I got the garage cleaned out, on-and-on-and-on.
I just hope that today I can get the little stuff like pictures, books and decorative items moved next door before the snow sets in. Beqi is coming today to watch Gryffin while I work next door. The pictures for the online virtual tour are being taken tomorrow so everything has to look just so by then. We did a little work over there last night with Gryffin running around in his Spiderman slippers and jammies, but the kitchen is a disaster. Not with food or dishes mind you, with wood filler, paint trays and rollers, tools and cleaning supplies.
Won't you be glad when the house is done and sold so you won't have to read about it anymore?

On to another matter: the Albatross called repeatedly this weekend. In her fake sweet voice she requested that I call her back. Not going to happen. I am however in process of writing a letter to let her know that I no longer wish to have contact with her. I'm trying not to make it too harsh and tell her that she was a crap parent and caused emotional scaring that I'm still trying to overcome at 35. I refuse to rehash every episode that causes me pain to this day. The purpose of this letter is not berate her but to let her know that her recent lies about me are unacceptable and that I refuse to open myself up to another occurrence. In a way, I'm trying to be nice about it but it's hard- very hard.
Won't you be glad when its done and gone so you won't have to read about it anymore?


beqi said...

Good for you, girl. And a long time coming, I might add. If you need a sympathetic ear, bend mine.

Ruth said...

I am sorry to hear that you were harassed by Albatross over the weekend with repeated phone calls. We "got" to visit her Saturday evening for a little while & she didn't say anything at all about trying to get in touch with you. I found that funny since she had been bugging me earlier in the week to send you an email command to call her.
I will absolutely let you know what kind of reaction occurs when she gets your letter. ;) It is a long time in coming.. I will be praying that you can find the right words.
I am proud of your courage to stand up to her bullying & selfishness, too. :) I had a dream last night that I got into a huge fight with her & it came to blows--I knocked her out!!
Good luck getting all your stuff done today! The boys are having a sleepover/playday at my Aunt's.. so Elsie Rose & I are going shopping for lots of girlie stuff today! :)

Anonymous said...

Well, other than than the Albatross, it sounds like you had a nice, productive weekend. The weather has certainly changed since then.