Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Snowed in

Yesterday Day Out was closed due to the weather. Gryffin and I got out early and picked up 101 Dalmatians along with some black thread I needed to finish a bag. I hate it when I run out of thread with only an inch left to sew, it seems to happen a lot. Anyway, by the time we got back the snow was starting to come down pretty good. It was so serene and calming. Gryffin watched (sort of) the movie while I finished up the bag along with a matching wallet and coin purse. It turned out awesome, pics to follow soon. I also got some much needed knitting done.
I've promised many hand made projects and feel bad that I haven't worked on any of them lately. I decided that after I finished the bag yesterday, I would concentrate on all the promises I made, several pairs of fingerless gloves, a scull scarf, a diaper bag and an adult size cape for my friend Mia- don't ask. I already have all the materials needed for these projects so there is no excuse. The gloves I can do in a weekend, if I stay up a little late and my arthritis cooperates, the scarf will take a little longer but its easy knitting, the cape will be the most difficult because the material is a knit, which I've never worked with and I will have to modify the pattern I made since its in a child's size. The diaper bag I need to do first though, since its for someone whose birthday is tomorrow. I found a great pattern for a diaper bag online, which I won't use for anything but inspiration and measurements. I follow patterns about as well as I follow recipes, in my opinion they are just guidelines. I can do it all though, just not all this week.
After I fulfill my commitments I am going to concentrate on making bags. I really enjoy this, everything from choosing the fabric to the engineering and sewing. Sometimes it gets a little frustrating but usually by that time I'm almost done and can't bring myself to chuck it out a window. It makes me concentrate on solving the problem and hey, if it doesn't look quite good enough to give someone, I get a new purse! The one I finished yesterday though isn't just good enough to give, its good enough to sell. Don't know that I'll do that though.
OK, I've rambled enough. Have a great day!

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