Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Easter Egg & Beer Hunt!

Tonight is an Easter Egg/Beer Hunt at our house. Eggs for the kiddos and beer for the ones who only act like kids. It has been raining for (it seems) 40 days and 40 nights. I'm putting pontoons on the Jeep and loading it with two of everything. It is so muddy outside that if we put eggs on the ground they would sink and in a few weeks Reese's Peanut Butter Cup bushes would be sprouting. Hey wait, I might have to try that!
We are having the MMP and assorted other guests over to wreak havoc on our home and dog, tear the joint up and get cranked on sugar. Woo hooo!


Anonymous said...

Yes, We are building an ark over here. The news said FIVE inches of rain. Geez.

beqi said...

I think sugar might just be my favourite vice. We're bringing homemade sugar cookies!

Robin Up the Street said...

After Saturday night Brian said, "I had no idea Beqi was such a sugar junkie!" I laughed at him.

I'm bringing pasta with roasted garlic chicken sausage and things to seek n' drink. Oh, and Cadbury Eggs.

Courtney Watson said...

OK, I do not know how I missed that you had a blog... geez.

We had SO MUCH FUN tonight and tell Gryffin thank you- I cannot get the Spider Man song out of my head for anything. I would sing "Timmy" but I can't get the grunts right.

Fantastic (: