Thursday, March 27, 2008

My son the circus freak

Potty training is not my forte. I just don't have the patience it requires, but I fake it because diapers are expensive and I don't want my kid to have to wear Pull-Ups to college. We decided that with all the food issues Mike and I have that food would not be given as a reward in our house. So instead of using an M & M to bribe our kid to use the potty we use temporary tattoos. Since Mike has several real ones and Gryffin wants to be just like dear old dad, its been working pretty well. Of course now Gryffin has tattoos up and down his forearms like a drunken sailor. At least he stuck with a pirate theme when choosing them. By the end of the week I expect we will be able to book him in a sideshow as 'The Tattooed Toddler'.
I would love to include a picture of his ink but he has refused to wear clothes lately and I just don't need those kind of pictures surfacing later in life when he is leader of the world.


Ruth said...

I'd pay to see "The Tattooed Toddler"! ;)

If it's any consilation.. boys(especially in our family) are very stubborn when it comes to pretty much anything & potty training is no different.

This to shall pass... although sometimes potty training seems to take forever. You're an awesome Mommy & you'll be victorious in the end! :)

Wendy said...

If you run low on pirate-themed tattoos, I am currently in posession of way too many Southern Comfort temporary tattoos. Gryffin and I have bonded over poop, so I wouldn't hesitate to send them his way! :)

And good luck!!

Courtney Watson said...

That is such a great idea. Keep in mind I am taking notes! My little brother would have loved that (he is now covered in real ink).

beqi said...

How does one come into possession of mutiple Southern Comfort tattoos?

Robin Up the Street said...

Please promise me that, when the weather gets warm, you'll send him to Day Out in a wife-beater with his arms covered in tattoos.