Thursday, April 27, 2006

Shots suck.

Yesterday Gryffin recieved his 1 year vaccinations. He showed off his sign language skills to the little old ladies in the waiting room and proceeded to get the usual 'Oohs' and 'Aahs'. I wish I would've brought the harmonica and a hat, we could've made some money! About the same time Gryffin had used every trick in his 'Cute Book' the nurse called us in and he had a new audience. Can I say there is nothing cuter than a naked baby streaking through a doctor's office? Especially when its my baby. All the nurses were just enamored by his curly hair and smile while he ran past them to the scale. 22+ pounds of cute nakedness, you would have to be a bitter, bitter person not to laugh. Anyway three shots later he promptly forgave the two nurses it took to hold and stab him and waved Bye-Bye to them with a smile. The good mood lasted long enough for a nap and some errands. Then the smile disappeared. His poor legs were so sore from the shots he didn't even want to walk. A cranky evening, but its all gone now. He is back to the Chaos Kid, running everywhere and pulling EVERY SINGLE toy out of the box! I love Chaos (in comparison).

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