Monday, April 03, 2006

I'm outta here!

Tornados and wind hit my area last night. We didn't suffer any damage but a lot of other people did. If this is how the weather is going to act I'm going to pack up and go home! Home to Arizona, that is! Gonna go visit the family compound/commune. My Mom and Dad have taken a little corner of dirt that held a crumbling old drive in restraunt and turned it into the most charming home. It is smack in the middle of town but has a lot of privacy, a large courtyard and its own bar! My parents (Mom is a beautiful free spirit, gypsie, hippy type and Dad is a well-groomed mountain man) are THE best! And I'm not just writting that because I know they are reading either. Wish us luck tomorrow- flying is not a pleasure for Mike and I and with Gryffin in our laps for three hours we may just go crazy!

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