Saturday, April 29, 2006

Chocolate tattoos and Grandma's too

Last night was Date Night. It got off to a bumpy start with our only babysitter, my mother-in-law, being two hours late. When she got here we kissed Gryffin goodbye and ran out the door. We went to our favorite Mexican restaurant in St Lous, Arcelia's. Since we were already a couple hours late we were starved, luckily the salsa slowed us down by burning our tastebuds. It ain't good unless you sweat! From there we went to the tattoo parlor, yup tattoo parlor. You don't think thats romantic? Maybe not until you hear the tattoo Mike wants... a picture of me pinup girl style. We took in a photo of me in a Halloween costume I wore a few years ago, pictured above, for the artist to do a sketch. From there went to a bar. Not just any bar- The Chocolate Bar. This place has the ambience of a trendy vampire bordeloux. Dark red walls, candles, velvet chairs... a lot like our living room minus the velvet. Their menu centers around of all things- chocolate. They have chocolate martinis, chocolate beer, chocolate chocolate with a shot of chocolate. You get the picture. I had a Fragile Baby, coffee with Frangelico and Mike had a Young's Chocolate Stout milk shake. Yup, ice cream and beer. You couldn't wipe his smile off with a baseball bat. It was pretty good too and I don't even like beer. Of course, you put enough ice cream in anything and I'll like it. We are so out of the dating scene that we were still home by 9:30 but had had a great night anyway. Thanks to Grandma for babysitting but I'm going back to lying to you about what time to be here!

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