Tuesday, April 25, 2006

No Encore Please...

During Gryffin's birthday party our guests were treated to an extra special show. Our neighbor behind us decided to dig some holes in his back yard. Doesn't sound too interesting until you realize that this is the guy Mike and I refer to as 'Drunk Naked Guy'. We don't know his name and don't want to know it. This guy walks his dog several times a day. Every time its the same, in one hand a heavy chain instead of a leash and in the other a can of beer. This does not leave a hand for a bag to pick up the presents his dog leaves in everyone's yard and apparently it doesn't leave him able to put on anything but a pair of shorts. Seeing a mostly naked, mullet wearing, drunk staggering, dog walking fat guy is not the way to start the day, get through it or end it. But it does wonders for my diet! For some reason 'Drunk Naked Guy' thought our party was the perfect excuse to jump up and down on a shovel. No, I didn't get the urge to break out some singles and wave them in the air. I was terrified that his shorts would fall down the whole time. A few digs and a drink, a few digs and a drink, lather-rinse-repeat... now there are several holes with nothing in them. Maybe he was digging for exercise or hidden treasure or maybe to run plumbing for the washer that every good 'Drunk Naked Guy' needs in his backyard. If we were in the south he would put it in the front yard. Seeing him walking around is the only thing that makes me wish for cold weather. This Buds for you 'Drunk Naked Guy'!

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